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News breaking: 2008-11-24

( BW)(QOSMOS) I-Tracing and Qosmos Partner to Protect Sensitive Operator Data

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PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov 24, 2008-- I-Tracing integrates Qosmos network intelligence technology to deliver a network-centric solution protecting access to personal data in telecom operator databases

Qosmos, the industry leader in network information extraction, and I-Tracing, a major IT consulting and engineering company specialized in data traceability, have joined forces to protect access to telecom operators' sensitive data.

Qosmos and I-Tracing's joint Data Theft Prevention solution enables telecom operators' information security, regulatory compliance and anti-fraud departments to collect, analyze and store database access records in real time, and generate reliable reports and alerts for effective protection of sensitive subscriber data. The ready-to-use solution combines Qosmos' ixMachine range of network-based information extraction appliances with I-Tracing's information processing and management applications.

Telecom operators' databases contain private customer information of a highly sensitive nature, ranging from subscriber phone numbers and addresses, to private bank details, call history and geo-localization data. Preventing the theft or misuse of this confidential information is critical both financially and legally, but also in terms of reputation. Data protection represents, therefore both a strategic and technical challenge for operators, who must implement a secure and comprehensive tracking system across the various access points to their subscriber databases: from internal customer relations and technical support teams, to outsourced customer care services.

"We have chosen to integrate Qosmos' information extraction technology in our Data Protection and Security solution portfolio for its unique ability to collect detailed and reliable database access records directly from operator networks. This network-based approach offers carriers complete visibility - in real time - into who is accessing what, when and how, guaranteeing immediate detection and response in the case of a breach. It also complies with legal obligations to track access to personal data," explained Théodore-Michel Vrangos, Co-Founder and President of I-Tracing.

Installed in passive transparent mode on the operator network, the Qosmos/I-Tracing solution monitors network traffic in real time, and extracts complete and detailed access records for all intranet and web-based applications, whether they be standard or custom, and whatever network protocol is used (Telnet, http, etc.). The solution is entirely configurable by the operator to meet specific data protection and regulatory compliance requirements, and can be easily integrated into the operator's network without impacting existing applications or subscriber service platforms.

"The significant synergy between I-Tracing's technical expertise and Qosmos technology offers telecom operators a very fine-grained understanding of the information in transit on their networks, and provides them with network-centric tools specially designed to protect access to their sensitive data," commented Thibaut Bechetoille, CEO of Qosmos.

About I-Tracing

Based in Paris, I-Tracing is a major IT consulting and engineering company specialized in data tracing, security and electronic evidence. I-Tracing brings an added-value service approach from Consulting, Audit & Investigation, to turn-key Solution Integration & Engineering, and Managed Services and Operations.

Specialized in log and trace management, deep packet inspection and IT security governance, the main application areas are: data tracking & traceability, fraud management, permanent control, e-discovery, data evidence, lawful inspection & data retention, digital signature, PKI, security log management, SIEM (Security Incident Event Monitoring), IDU - Information Data Usage for marketing and sales, data warehouse & business intelligence, IT legal compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO2700x, ITIL, Basel II, Sovency, MiFID, etc.).

I-Tracing has delivered several major IT engineering and consultancy projects for financial groups, telecom operators, industry and services, retail, government agencies, etc. www.i-tracing.com

About Qosmos

Qosmos provides software and hardware platforms that identify and extract information traveling over networks in real time with unparalleled precision and depth. Qosmos network intelligence technology has been designed for use across a wide range of applications such as lawful interception, network protection, data retention, regulatory compliance, content-based billing, audience measurement and service optimization. Using Qosmos platforms, Network Equipment Manufacturers, Software Vendors and System Integrators can enhance their solutions with detailed intelligence to better monetize, optimize or protect networked information. www.qosmos.com


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