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News breaking: 2005-08-09

( BW)(NY-CREATIVE-ENTERPRISES)(CEII)(SE) Drink ``Skinny Water'' & Lose
Weight Naturally; Creative Enterprises International and 7-Eleven
Introduce SKINNY WATER into Participating 7-Eleven(R) Stores
Nationally August 1st

    Business Editors/Beverage Writers/Health/Fitness Writers

    NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 9, 2005--Creative Enterprises
International, Inc. (www.creativepi.com) (OTC: CEII) announces the
nationwide launch of its new product, Jana "Skinny Water," initially
into participating 7-Eleven(R) (NYSE: SE) stores across the U.S.
starting August 1. CEII owns the exclusive worldwide rights to market
"Skinny Water" (www.skinnywater.com), which is made with the
Award-Winning Jana Natural European Artesian Water, with the added
all-natural ingredient "Super CitriMax." Drinking "Skinny Water" 30-60
minutes before each meal helps suppress the body's appetite, increase
metabolism, and block carbohydrate absorption.
    Developed after three years of intensive studies by independent
food scientists, Skinny Water's ingredients were tested at Georgetown
University Medical Center (Washington, D.C.) in a series of human
clinical tests (see www.skinnywater.com for more information on
research study). From the results of the study, researchers found that
drinking one bottle of Skinny Water 30-60 minutes before each meal,
average weight-loss was 10 pounds over a period of 8 weeks when
combined with moderate daily exercise. Skinny Water is all-natural,
containing no preservatives, caffeine, calories, or sugar, and is
completely ephedra-free. Skinny Water contains essential nutrients,
plus calcium, silica and potassium combined with the clinically-proven
weight loss ingredient, "Super CitriMax," which enhances metabolic
rates and provides a safe and natural method of weight loss and weight
    "With the American public becoming increasingly health and weight
conscious, Skinny Water fills a growing need in the marketplace. We
are extremely excited about introducing Skinny Water to today's
diet-conscious consumer, and are thrilled to have entered into this
tremendous partnership with 7-Eleven, and their significant market
presence throughout the U.S.," commented Michael Salaman, President of
Creative Enterprises International, Inc. "Through its wide range of
high quality products, convenient locations and affordable price
points, 7-Eleven has established itself as THE convenient destination
for Americans on-the-go," said Mr. Salaman.
    Moving forward with an aggressive marketing and promotional
campaign, CEII is implementing a broad and comprehensive advertising
and marketing campaign, encompassing television, radio, print media
and internet advertising.
    Jana Natural European Artesian Water and Jana Skinny Water are
exclusively imported to North America from Croatia by Creative
Enterprises International, Inc. through an exclusive agreement with
The Agrokor Group (www.agrokor.hr), one of Europe's largest food,
beverage and retailing conglomerates.
    Jamnica (JANA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Agrokor Group
is South Eastern Europe's largest bottled water manufacturer. Jana
Natural European Artesian Water (www.janawater.com) was the recent
EAUSCAR Award winner at the 2005 Paris Aqua Expo as "Highest Quality
Water" in the world. Pumped directly from a 2,500 foot deep aquifer in
the hills of St. Jana, this 3,000-year-old source has an exceptionally
fresh taste, and contains a very healthy mineral composition with a pH
level of between 7.4 and 7.6. Jana Water is bottled by Jamnica d.d., a
division of Agrokor, which bottles over 300,000,000 liters of water
per year.

    About 7-Eleven, Inc.

    7-Eleven, Inc. is the premier name and largest chain in the
convenience retailing industry. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas,
7-Eleven, Inc. operates or franchises approximately 5,800 7-Eleven(R)
stores in the United States and Canada and licenses more than 22,700
7-Eleven stores in 17 other countries and U.S. territories throughout
the world. During 2004, 7-Eleven stores worldwide generated total
sales of approximately $41 billion. Find out more online at

    About Creative Enterprises International, Inc.

    CEII is a national and international marketing and distribution
company that identifies emerging trends in healthy consumer products.
Once CEII identifies a growing trend, it then creates and sources top
quality products to satisfy and fulfill the anticipated consumer
market demand. For additional information about Creative Enterprises
International, please visit our website, www.creativepi.com.

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by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
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underlying assumptions and other statements, which are other than
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Securities and Exchange Commission. All such forward-looking
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or circumstances after the date hereof.



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